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Global Climate Strike For Future (May 24th)

Youth Climate Strike (US)

May 24, 2019, 3 a.m. - May 24, 2019, 6 p.m.

During the last Fridays for Future global climate strike on March 15th 2019, more than 1,6 million young people in 2,069 cites of 125 countries across world went on strike to draw attention to the climate crisis we're facing. What a great Strike! Congrats to everyone... Now think about our impact if we could mobilize not only schools but all sectors of the economy? Let’s do this for that second global strike! Therefore we invite you to start your local event as soon as possible and spread the word so we can centralize all events on the world map dedicated and beat all records. If you want to register and promote your climate strike on Brightest, visit: Here are some general Fridays For Future guidelines: 1. Fridaysforfuture want you to only strike in a way, that you feel safe with. 2. Many Fridaysforfuture strikers have a police approval for their strike. 3. It is common for these approvals to only allow for a quiet, sitting protest. 4. Fridaysforfuture are unlikely to be able to provive legal support if there are problems, so FFF advises strikers to liase with local NGOs. These NGOs usually know local lawyers, who are well versed in protest situations. 5. We are a peaceful and quiet striking organisation, but unfortunately we have already seen examples in some countries, where some individuals or organisations try to join a strike for the purpose of causing trouble. Please take care and prioritise your own safety. #FridaysForFuture #FFF #climatestrike

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