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Volunteer Software Engineers and Product Developers for


March 23, 2020, 11 p.m. - April 30, 2020, 1 a.m. EDT

A team of data scientists, engineers, and designers in partnership with epidemiologists, and public health officials built a tool [] designed to spur state and local governments into action to slow the spread of CoVid-19. This tool aims to enable political leaders to quickly make decisions in their Coronavirus response informed by best available data and modeling. It is now being used by government and covid response leaders to answer critically important questions such as: What will the impact be in my region be and when can I expect it? How long until my hospital system is under severe pressure? What is my menu of interventions, and how will they address the spread of Coronavirus? The site launched on Friday March 19th, since then it has had 3.2 million visitors and was used as input in the decisions of Anchorage and Dallas to institute ‘sheltering-in-place’. One critical request is from a federal government agency hoping to use this model and some of the presentation elements to help coordinate crisis response efforts (i.e. where to send masks). The platform is also being extended to support government agencies, medical device manufacturers, and front-line health providers plan for and respond to covid. The Request is requesting full-time+ help from experienced leaders in software engineering, UX, data science, and scalable support system design Start date: week of Monday 3/23/20 Availability: between the hours of 8pm - 10pm Specific Needs Product or Program Management: Currently there is a group of about 10 volunteers providing help sporadically, as well as a very rapidly changing set of needs and requests of the tool.'s biggest area of need is someone able and willing to keep the effort organized & help plan the short/medium term roadmap. Full Stack SWE: There is a website (built with react.js), data pipelines, data visualization and other misc development work that needs to be done. [Data] Science: model outputs will be used by government officials and the public to inform crisis response. Ensuring they are accurate, up-to-date, and trustworthy is a key priority. Any scientists who are willing to lend their critical eye and expertise to the modeling effort (keeping in mind that this is a specialist field and need to maintain some humility and avoid the Dunning-Kruger effect) would be a huge help. UX Design: The product development team is currently blocked on UX design; could really use a strong UX design resource who can work with engineers to design & iterate features fast] Support Systems: is getting about 50 inbound emails an hour currently. would love someone to set up a basic / pragmatic system to support this flow and route to the appropriate person or team who can help. needs to triage for the most important requests first: hospitals, US Gov, and medical device manufacturers. (If this keeps up will need a support function)

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Go Carbon Neutral

Brightest (Climate)

Flexible times and locations

When we started Brightest we made two simple commitments to ourselves and you: anytime someone completed an act of good or volunteer shift through Brightest, we'd plant a tree. Second, we'd operate as a net zero carbon (CO2) service, offsetting all our servers, travel, and anything else we use to run our website and build our community. Thanks to the commitment of our climate community (and people like you), we've already planted over 10,000 new trees, capturing more than a hundred tons of CO2 this year. All thanks to individual acts of good adding up to big change. Now, with your help, we're taking our tree projects and sustainability commitment to the next level with a new service: a Zero Carbon Living tree-planting offset subscription. Using our existing project and partner infrastructure, each month we plant plant trees and invest in carbon-neutralizing clean energy and waste projects on behalf of our members, then verify the work to report back impact, allowing you to go carbon neutral (or gift zero carbon living to a friend) for less than the price of a weekly coffee ☕ While we don't think this alone will solve the climate crisis (one of the many reasons we provide digital infrastructure and tools to groups like Fridays for Future, XR, and Sunrise Movement), little differences DO add up when we spread the word and work together. To illustrate this, if every Spotify or Netflix customer went carbon-zero, it would carbon offset the environmental footprint of a country the size of Australia or Brazil. If you'd like to help us reach our next planting target of 1 million trees, we'd be extremely grateful, and you can start right here. Your contribution to plant trees and go carbon neutral is tax deductible. Trees planted through Brightest are planted in partnership with The Brightest Foundation Incorporated, a registered US 501(c)(3) public charity, EIN 83-3516335, alongside our local reforestation partner network. Your contribution to plant trees and offset your carbon footprint with us is tax-deductible within the guidelines of U.S law.

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Drop In Center Mentor And/or Director

Stand Up Houston

Flexible times

Do you have 3 hours on Friday? Ready to breathe some meaning into your Friday night plans? Do you have a passion for helping young adults rise above their obstacles? The young adults we reach have faced so many challenges transitioning to adulthood due to the cards they were dealt, but we can make a difference. We are a small team part of a nationwide network of boldly compassionate volunteers on a mission to End The Cycle of Homelessness for Young People in Houston. Come join our family and Be the Change you wish to see in the world!Time CommitmentDrop In Counselors: We need volunteers who are able to make a recurring commitment for 2-3 hours per week on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis, based on what fits your schedule. Specifically, you must be available on Friday evenings between 6-9 pm or on weekends as needed. Mea Delivery: If you only have 30 minutes to spare and are able to be in the Montrose area, we are in need of a helpful individual to be the friendly face who picks up food and/or clothing donations and drops them off at our location on Friday afternoon/evenings. You will need any size vehicle and be able to lift the weight of groceries. Leaders: We are also looking for a Drop In Center Director who can be available weekly or biweekly for 3-4 hours/week. You will mentor clients and volunteers at the Drop In Center, keep donation inventory stocked and managed, and take part in leading our organization toward our mission. It’s honestly an easy and rewarding gig and we’re a small, family-atmosphere organization. And you could make a huge difference! Meeting and engaging young adultsDrop In mentors staff our weekly Drop In Center, conduct minor food preparation, and enjoy some of the best conversation of your life as you mentor and build relationships with homeless young adults on their path toward self-efficacy (ages 18-25). The single greatest need for homeless and street young adults is continuous caring and real support.A viable drop in program is not solely concerned with finding homeless young adults who are interested in making huge leaps toward work, school, and housing. While identifying young adults who may require shelter assistance, support must also be provided to those who, for one reason or another: (1) have to live on the streets, (2) aren’t ready for more of the establishment, (3) are afraid to go to a shelter, (4) have a police record and fear incarceration, or (5) have major obstacles in their paths.Drop-In encompasses:Providing vital information regarding available resources to meet their needs, including housing, education, employment, medical, mental health and other support servicesProviding food, clothing and hygiene productsHarm reduction counseling to address the risks associated with street lifeOngoing mentorship through forming safe, helpful, and meaningful connectionsWhere are our Drop In Center programs?Houston (Montrose Area, Downtown, or start your own in your community!)Other locations: Arizona (Tucson), California (Oceanside, Orange County, San Diego, Silicon Valley), Colorado (Denver), District of Columbia, Florida (Miami), Georgia (Atlanta), Illinois (Chicago), Massachusetts (Worcester), Ohio (Cleveland), Texas (San Antonio), Virginia (Hampton Roads), Washington (Bremerton, Olympia, Seattle).

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3000 Montrose Blvd
Houston, Texas 77098

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