Simplify Social Impact, ESG and Sustainability

We design intelligent, secure software to help purpose-driven organizations manage, measure, improve, and report on their emissions, ESG, social impact, and sustainability performance

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Social Impact Measurement, CSR, ESG, and Sustainability Software
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Social Impact, Sustainability & ESG Management Software

Powerful Simplicity

All the Tools Purpose-Driven Organizations Need to Grow & Succeed (in One Place)

Unify corporate social responsibility (CSR), carbon accounting and emissions reduction, sustainability reporting, social impact measurement, ESG disclosure, and more with a beautiful, integrated, and audit-ready platform for inspiring and measuring positive change. Whether you're a large corporation, growing business, government, university, or other purpose-led organization, Brightest gives you the most flexible, comprehensive governance platform for data-driven social impact, environmental compliance, value chain and stakeholder engagement, and reporting on success and outcomes

Sustainability Management & Measurement

See, Manage & Improve Sustainability

Get full visibility and oversight of your supply chain, programs, teams, partnerships, data sources, and all the other initiatives, investments, and stakeholder activities contributing to your sustainability and ESG performance
Sustainability Management & ESG Reporting

Comprehensive Data Collection & Impact Measurement

Integrated ESG metric customization, workflow automation, surveys, and partner collaboration let you simplify, centralize, and enhance your ESG, sustainability, and social impact measurement and reporting
Sustainability Reporting

Connect Your Mission, Brand, Strategy & Storytelling

Whatever you're trying to achieve (and however you need to measure it), it can be mapped and dashboarded in Brightest to connect the dots between mission, strategy, execution, stakeholders, data, impact, and outcomes

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Advanced ESG, Impact, Sustainability & Emissions Reduction Insights

Make a Measurable, Positive Difference

We're a recognized leader in measuring and simplifying operational social impact, community engagement, sustainability, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and ESG reporting. If our software can't meet your measurement or data needs out of the box, contact us for custom social impact measurement, materiality assessment, data, ESG reporting, or technical integration help. We work with the European Union (EU) Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS), United Nation Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) framework organizations, SEC Climate & EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Disclosure (CSRD) companies, B Corps, and enterprise measurement standards like IFRS (ISSB), SASB, CDP, GRI, TCFD, and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol. We also develop our own proprietary models, forecasting, and reporting tools

Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG) sustainability measurement
TCFD climate risk framework
GRI impact measurement
UN SDG social impact measurement
EU CSRD ESG & sustainability reporting
SASB ESG measurement

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Social Impact, ESG, Sustainability, and Carbon Accounting Data, Measurement & Dashboard Software
Social Impact & Sustainability Measurement Software

Unified Collaboration, Visibility & Governance

Save Time Achieving (and Quantifying) Your Mission

Brightest is the only ESG and sustainability software platform that gives you the flexibility to fully customize a data, collaboration, and governance system across all of your organization's needs, goals, mission, strategy, operations, and stakeholders. Whether you need to measure common metrics like Scope 1, 2, and 3 CO2 emissions, waste, donations, or volunteer hours, domain-specific ESG risk & compliance signals, or unique success indicators like meals served or positive health outcomes, our platform gives you the framework to bring your work and reporting to life. With Brightest, you're able to save time, do more with less, engage every stakeholder group, collect data easier, and measure what matters

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How We Can Help

Partners Use Our Software and Expertise to Accelerate & Measure Initiatives Like

Business Sustainability & Climate Action

Carbon Accounting, GHG Emissions Reduction & Net Zero

  • Measure your entire climate, emissions, and carbon accounting footprint (fast)
  • Synchronize company-wide, energy, supply chain, employee, and community-based climate targets, initiatives, oversight, and reporting
  • Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions tracking and forecasting, including partner and supplier measurement, data collection, collaboration, with asset and regional segmentation
CSR, Sustainability & ESG Measurement and Reporting

CSR, ESG & Sustainability Measurement & Reporting

  • Consolidate systems, use fewer tools, and access better insights about your operational sustainability and ESG performance
  • Spend less time and money preparing reports, integrating systems, and surveying stakeholders
  • Standardize and simplify your CSR, ESG, and carbon accounting, operational KPIs, success measurement, and non-financial reporting around industry standard indicators, frameworks, benchmarks, and disclosure requirements
CSR, Volunteering, Giving, Community Impact Measurement

Volunteering, Giving, Engagement & Community Impact Measurement

  • One modern, affordable, and easy-to-adopt platform for all your community impact, employee engagement, and positive change programs
  • Fundraising, giving, volunteering, culture-building, CSR partnerships, and social impact measurement that all fits together
  • Simplify communication, coordination, data collection, and reporting so you can focus on what really matters for your brand, culture, and mission

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