Hi. I'm Chris. I started Brightest 🔆 because I was frustrated and optimistic. Maybe you are too. I know when I looked at my community, my company, my country, the world, I saw all these problems happening around me - inequality, poverty, climate change, attacks on people's freedoms, children and families needing better care, medicine, and education...

I wanted to do something about it - but I didn't quite know where to start. I didn't have special connections; I was just a regular person who believed in joy, life, and taking care of each other.

When I started asking friends, family-members, co-workers - even strangers - I realized I wasn't the only one who felt disappointed with how many obstacles and barriers stand between wanting to create positive change and seeing it come to life. I also realized the same opportunity existed inside places like schools, campuses, organizations, and cities - the chance to develop a more inspired, productive, and mission-driven culture based on togetherness, empathy, shared values, and informed, data-driven decisions.

So I created Brightest for you, me, leaders, doers, decarbonizers, and anyone else out there who wants to roll up their sleeves, go out into their patch of the world, and make it a better.

Today, we've grown into a technology partner to universities, non-profits, and corporate social responsibility, ESG, culture, and sustainability teams all around the world. Along the way, we've supported hundreds of civic causes, food banks, and social justice movements - and will continue to stand by any person, group, or organizations that challenges and leads us down a path to a better, brighter, and more inclusive future.

There's still a lot to be done to make Brightest the type of platform for change we think it can be, but we're already immensely grateful if you'd like to get involved personally, share your feedback, or use it as a leader to bring people together, engage stakeholders, reduce emissions, and achieve great things.

After all, this is just the start of Brightest 🔆 - it's up to you to decide where it goes next.