Welcome. You're probably here looking for ways to make a positive difference in support of Black Lives. We made this resource guide because situations of crisis, racism, police brutality, and tragedy can be overwhelming, chaotic, and confusing. In these types of circumstances, we recommend taking care of yourself, your own mental health, and those around you, and focusing on ways you can have a positive impact one-at-a-time so you stay focused and don't spread your energy (or money) too thin.

A few principles we recommend considering as you move ahead:

1. Valuing Black Lives is about winning collective (political) power. Violent, white supremacist power must be met and defeated by equal power to change the system. Focus on actions and solutions that build power, don't just fight symptoms or whatever's hyped on social media. Think for yourself.

2. Other people are (probably) already doing this work. If you have money and aren't experienced in activism or organizing, the best things you can likely do is donate and support work already happening on the frontlines by the people already fighting for these issues.

3. But, with #2 said, you don't need anyone's permission to make a difference if you see a gap, need, or opportunity. Organizing for racial justice or creating community-based mutual aid solutions has been proved effective in community after community, and takes very little money, experience, or resources to start if you're dedicated to helping people.

With that said, let's help you get to work.

Black Lives Matter Movement Resources

Movement for Black Lives

A space for Black organizations across the country to debate and discuss political conditions, develop shared assessments of what political interventions are necessary to achieve key policy, cultural and political wins, and co-create shared movement strategies.

Color of Change

America's largest online racial justice organization.

National Bail Fund Network (by Community Justice Exchange)

Network of over sixty community bail and bond funds across the country, including a searchable directory by state to find your closest local bail fund.

Check the Police

Non-profit that analyzes and reviews police union contracts and legislation related to police accountability.

Brooklyn Community Bail Fund (NYC/Brooklyn)

Bail fund committed to challenging the racism, inequality, and injustice that disproportionately targets and harms low-income communities of color. BCBF has paid bail for nearly 5,000 presumptively innocent New Yorkers.

#PeoplesFoodBank by Black Lives Matter Greater NY (NYC)

A community-led, people's foodbank organized by Black Lives Matter Greater NY for those in need, particularly anyone dealing with COVID-related food insecurity.

Chicago Community Bond Fund (Chicago)

CCBF is a revolving fund that pays bond for people charged with crimes in Cook County and Chicago, Illinois.

Reclaim the Block (Minneapolis)

A community coalition representing activists, organizers, faith and community leaders united by the demand Minneapolis divests from policing and invests in long-term alternatives that would decrease the scope of MPD and promote healthier, safer, more diverse communities.

Visit Our Criminal Justice Data & Action Hub

🏛️  Visit "Fix the System," our resource center for criminal justice reform to provide you direct actions, facts, stats and info on how you can play and important role in ending mass incarceration, cash bail, abusive police practices, and post-release disenfranchisement of people with a criminal record

Community Organizing 101

💡  Our Community Organizing 101 guide contains a run-down on organizing basics to build collective or community power for positive change

Organizing Meeting Template

📅  Hosting a first meeting with your friends or a neighborhood group? Use our free agenda template

How to Do Signs and Art Builds for Activism and Organizing

🎨  Creating banners, flags, signs or posters for an action, event, or protest? Read two of our favorite pieces on art builds for social justice here and here

Use Our Tools to Grow Your Movement or Project

📈  Share an action, event, protest, or fundraiser with our community to collect more signups here