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Plant Trees & Offset Carbon (CO2)

Chippewa and Superior, Minnesota

Planting native, mixed conifer trees and local reforestation work in Northern Minnesota to absorb CO2, provide nesting habitat for animals, and help restore Mississippi River headwaters
Plant Trees & Offset Carbon (CO2)

Ozark-Saint Francis, Arkansas

Planting trees, fighting Oak decline, and preserving one of the most diverse forests in the United States along a southern portion of the Ozark National Forest
Plant Trees & Offset Carbon (CO2)

Kootenai, Montana

A series of projects to help Montana fight and adapt to wildfires by planting trees, restoring fire-resilient landscapes, and enabling wildfire-adapted communities
Plant Trees & Offset Carbon (CO2)


Planting and restoring mangrove tree estuaries in northwest Madagascar to capture CO2, fight erosion, and protect endangered animals
Plant Trees & Offset Carbon (CO2)

Maputo, Mozambique

Planting mangrove trees to capture CO2, provide valuable agricultural and ereconomic development resources, and improve nearby ocean and coral reef health
Plant Trees & Offset Carbon (CO2)

Lassen, California

Planting carbon-neutralizing trees and support reforestation work connected to the 2019 Red Fire wildfires near Lassen National Park

planting trees via the National Forest Foundation and other partners

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