There is a tremendous need, especially for high-risk youth in low-income neighborhoods in The Bronx municipality, for programs that provide activities and support for children during the after school hours and throughout the summer and ACN has stepped up to take the responsibility in addressing this problem through our new initiative (ACN YOUTH CAPACITY BUILDING) Project. In 1998, the Children’s Defense Fund reported that violent crime by young people ages 10-17 peaks between 3 and 7 PM; children and teens in poor neighborhoods are struggling for direction and positive opportunities are needed to keep them safe and on-track; a great majority of all American fourth graders cannot read or do math at grade level, including more than five of six black children. In addition, a study published in Pediatrics magazine found that eighth graders who were left alone after school reported greater use of cigarettes, marijuana, and alcohol than those in adult-supervised settings. Current research indicates that supervised after-school and summer programs not only keep children safe and out of trouble, they also significantly improve their academic achievement.

Teaching high-risk, inner-city Youth the skills to become successful in life is at the core of the ACN SUMMER YOUTH CAPACITY BUILDING program. The Four(4) major components of the program are:

*Homework Assistance through tutoring, mentoring and Use of Computer labs.

*Nutrition Education to promote healthy lifestyles and Combat Obesity.

*Life Skills which are integrated throughout all phases of the program.

*Soccer Instructions where participants engage in fun physical fitness, enjoy the camaraderie of playing in a soccer team format with friends and peers, and learn to become responsible adolescents and adults.
The summer After-School Program- will serve approximately 600 children which includes academic tutoring five(5) hours per week and Soccer Instruction, Health and life skills education ten(10) hours per week.

Participants will receive Soccer Instruction in professional settings and practice skills in team format play. They will learn about the rules of the game, etiquette, sportsmanship, positive attitudes, fair play, self-esteem, taking responsibility for choices and management of emotions. These life skills are integrated throughout the Soccer program, and instructors routinely demonstrate how they apply to situations in all aspects of life.

Nutrition and Healthy lifestyles are stressed both in the Classroom setting and on the Soccer Field. Healthy Snacks will be provided. The ACN YOUTH CAPACITY BUILDING program is Fortunate to have a corpse of Volunteers willing to dedicate to the program and are available to work with the children on improving their academic skills. Seeking Volunteers from some of the community based Universities/colleges who will take an active role in the homework area, working individually with the students using current homework assignments. In the computer lab, Volunteer tutors will help the students improve their keyboarding skills and show them how to use the computer for research. They will read aloud with the students and give quizzes on tapes and videos to improve comprehension. When the college/university students volunteers are not on campus, volunteers from local Churches will assume the role of tutors. Incentives will be awarded to the participants based on attendance, good behavior and general attitude.


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Vyse Avenue, Bronx, New York, 10460, USA

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