People need to understand the challenges that our city's youth are facing on a day-to-day or an hourly basis. At any moment, our kids in this city are worried if they're going to make it to the next day. Gunfire kills or injures at least 19 children each day. Every year nearly 1,300 children die from shootings, and another 5,700 are injured. More than half of the deaths were homicides and more than a third were suicides. After school programs at more than 100 Chicago public schools face elimination under President Donald Trump's proposed budget. The goal of the Black Ecosystem is Economic Empowerment. We are putting funds back into the Black Community to help our young people stay off the street. We are all living in this world together. When one group thrives, we all thrive. That is what an Ecosystem is all about.

4 times a year we have a 16-week Entrepreneurship training that teaches young people ages 16-19 how to start an online business. We create life business plans with them during the first week and we use the funds from the business to support their dreams and goals. This is the FIRST program like this in the NATION and we are so happy you want to join us on this journey!

7431 S Maplewood Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, 60629, USA

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