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Food4Life, a coronavirus (COVID-19) emergency food relief program run by Atlanta Survival Program, is looking for volunteers. Based on projections, we expect the new coronavirus will have a severe impact on people in Atlanta. Before long, everyone will know someone personally who's impacted by the pandemic, and institutions will not be able to keep up with the need for aid. Official support will not be available to everyone, particularly those already marginalized and unprivileged.

Time is short, we need to act now to organize ourselves to care for our communities. While the most immediate needs are for medical care, most of us are not medical experts. But everyone can support each other by caring for other vital needs.

No matter how you're affected by the pandemic, the Food4Life program exists to help everyone survive.

We Support Anyone who

- Is already self-isolating because their age and/or medical conditions put them in serious danger if they contract the virus.
- Can't afford expensive grocery delivery services, and must either risk exposure or go hungry.
- Is sick and cannot leave home for fear of infecting others.
- Can't afford groceries because of lost work or structural poverty
- Lives in a food desert. Lack of access to healthy food weakens the immune system, putting everyone in greater danger.

The program is straightforward in practice

- Bulk food is donated by charities, grocery stores, community groups, and farmers.
- Volunteers are provided with protective equipment and training for preventing the spread of contagions.
- Organizers dispatch volunteers to make deliveries on a schedule, and handle logistics.
- Grocery drop-offs are made directly outside the homes of people in need, avoiding direct contact.

Please fill out your information if you would like to volunteer to be put in touch with the Food4Life team.


This is a flexible activity that can be completed whenever you have enough free time.


  Atlanta, Georgia, United States