If you're concerned about climate change, remember: you're not alone, and you have a lot of power - even more power than you might think you do.

Climate anxiety can make us feel scared, sad, and helpless sometimes, and it's important to acknowledge that, grieve, and take the personal wellness and care steps we need. But that sadness and frustration can also become a powerful motivator to act, which is especially important because acting - and activism - works.

climate activism

So what are the best things to do?

You can:

1. Go on climate strike on any and every Friday with the #FridaysForFuture movement. Some people strike alone, some people strike with their friends, family-members, and/or classmates. Wherever and however you go on climate strike, it's a symbolically important act that can raise awareness about this critical issue.

We have some helpful climate strike resources here.

2. Host a climate awareness house party or conversation with family or friends. Feel free to use our meeting guide and kickoff event template here.

3. Go tabling or canvassing in your neighborhood, on campus, or at a local event or fair. If you aren't part of an organization or environmental movement and want to look more official feel free to borrow our brand and do it on behalf of Brightest. We support you.

Feel free to come up with your own climate action ideas and get creative. Simply taking **some** action is psychologically proven to make you feel better, and will likely also help you meet and build relationships with other people in your community who are also concerned about environmental and climate justice. Even small acts can add up to big change, and let us know if we can help.


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For every action you complete for Brightest (Climate), we plant one tree 🌳