The sickest of the sick are in need of crafting people. Please consider sharing your talents to help others. Our patients benefit from knitted or quilted blankets, chemo caps and what we call fidget blankets/sensory blankets. These items help our patients remain comfortable.

Knitted or quilted blankets-these can be created in any size, color or pattern. Some patients are in wheelchairs so smaller ones are used to keep them warm. They usually put them on their laps, some like to wrap them around their shoulders.

Chemo caps- our patients who might be receiving treatments can often get cold if they have experienced hair loss. These caps keep them warm and also provide a little style which can be motivating.

Fidget aprons or blankets-these can be made from aprons you may already have and not using. By sewing on velcor, sheepskin, buttons, zippers, pockets and other sensory items this helps patients who might by providing them tactile stimulation. You can be as creative as you like!

Feel free to email Katherine Knoble kknoble@capitalcaring.org if you would like further information or maybe some visual samples to get ideas of items. Any and all help is needed. These items truly make a huge difference to our patients.

Feel free to call Katherine at 703-333-6958 for further info.

Thank you for considering to help our hospice patients.


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