CCC elevates underserved communities, and gives voice to equality through process driven contemporary art and education.

Established in 1965, our vision is to contribute to a vibrant community by bringing people together. Last year over 148,000 people participated in art and cultural programs, including 10,000 youth and school children.

The Visual Art Center exhibits cutting edge work by up and coming contemporary artists. We support artists who are "unseen gems" and whose artistic influence would benefit with our support. Many of our artists have subsequently won important honors, and have gone on to worldwide influence through shows in Madrid, Hangzhou, Miami, and New York. Locally, the Visual Art Center also seeks to elevate the community by bringing world class artists to the neighborhood.

The Him Mark Lai Learning Center promotes understanding of our multi-cultural democracy and activism through the lens of the Chinese American story. Through walking tours of Chinatown, excursions to sites across the greater Bay Area, a guided journey to China, and many other educational activities, the public can gain new insights into the past and be inspired to help shape the future.

Free outdoor festivals such as the annual Chinatown Music Festival and Dancing on Waverly also activate and reframe public space.

The CCC is recognized as a successful pillar organization in the City, and is poised to advance to the next level of effectiveness by becoming a leader in the arena of process driven contemporary art and education on a national and international level.

750 Kearny Street, 3rd Floor, (inside the Hilton Hotel), San Francisco, California, 94108, USA

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