Volunteers are the core of our organization, for they possess the special qualities of a loving heart and a unique call to serve. Some have had personal experience of loss, some bring professional skills or specialized expertise, but most are ordinary people who want to help. Volunteers provide caring compassion for both the person facing the end of life and those who love them.

Orientation and training is provided in English for every volunteer. We want you to feel confident and competent. We believe in a team approach in all that we do, so you never feel alone or unsupported. We serve patients wherever "home" is: skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, retirement communities or their own residences.

Volunteers needed in Hartford, New Haven and Fairfield Counties.

Patient and Family Support Volunteer.

Provide friendly companion visits.

Read aloud, write letters, share an interest.

Provide gifts of music, art, scrapbooking.

Actively listen and be supportive in hearing expressed fears and concerns.

Create a written legacy for other loved ones.

Offer prayers (and quiet presence).

Assist in picking up medications, light errands, outdoor chores.

Bereavement Volunteer (Additional training Needed)

Writing sympathy cards, other significant anniversaries or events.

Supportive telephone calls.

Participation in Grief Groups and Remembrance Services.

Community presentations in Grief.

Volunteers must complete 15 hours of mandatory training and make a commitment of a few hours per week or per month.

Volunteers will learn the history of hospice, the goals and philosophy of care, and the emotional and spiritual needs of patients at the end of life. They develop the communication skills necessary to comfort and support patients and families because they spend quality time with patients, they often give valuable feedback to the care team.

To volunteer today, call Catharine Lloyd, Lead Volunteer Services Coordinator at (203) 497-3886, or email clloyd@constellationhs.com


This is a flexible activity that can be completed whenever you have enough free time.


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