A team of data scientists, engineers, and designers in partnership with epidemiologists, and public health officials built a tool [https://covidactnow.org/] designed to spur state and local governments into action to slow the spread of CoVid-19.

This tool aims to enable political leaders to quickly make decisions in their Coronavirus response informed by best available data and modeling. It is now being used by government and covid response leaders to answer critically important questions such as:

What will the impact be in my region be and when can I expect it?
How long until my hospital system is under severe pressure?
What is my menu of interventions, and how will they address the spread of Coronavirus?

The site launched on Friday March 19th, since then it has had 3.2 million visitors and was used as input in the decisions of Anchorage and Dallas to institute ‘sheltering-in-place’. One critical request is from a federal government agency hoping to use this model and some of the presentation elements to help coordinate crisis response efforts (i.e. where to send masks).

The platform is also being extended to support government agencies, medical device manufacturers, and front-line health providers plan for and respond to covid.

CovidActNow.org is requesting full-time+ help from experienced leaders in software engineering, UX, data science, and scalable support system design

Start date: week of Monday 3/23/20
Availability: between the hours of 8pm - 10pm

Product or Program Management: Currently there is a group of about 10 volunteers providing help sporadically, as well as a very rapidly changing set of needs and requests of the tool. CovidActNow.org's biggest area of need is someone able and willing to keep the effort organized & help plan the short/medium term roadmap.

Full Stack SWE: There is a website (built with react.js), data pipelines, data visualization and other misc development work that needs to be done.

[Data] Science: CovidActNow.org model outputs will be used by government officials and the public to inform crisis response. Ensuring they are accurate, up-to-date, and trustworthy is a key priority. Any scientists who are willing to lend their critical eye and expertise to the modeling effort (keeping in mind that this is a specialist field and CovidActNow.org need to maintain some humility and avoid the Dunning-Kruger effect) would be a huge help.

UX Design: The product development team is currently blocked on UX design; CovidActNow.org could really use a strong UX design resource who can work with engineers to design & iterate features fast]

Support Systems: CovidActNow.org is getting about 50 inbound emails an hour currently. CovidActNow.org would love someone to set up a basic / pragmatic system to support this flow and route to the appropriate person or team who can help. CovidActNow.org needs to triage for the most important requests first: hospitals, US Gov, and medical device manufacturers. (If this keeps up CovidActNow.org will need a support function)


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Skills & Requirements
Web Development
Data Science

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