Welcome home! We provide customers with an artistically curated clothing, furniture, homeware, art, and decor thrift experience. Our proceeds benefit the research toward a cure and advocacy for Type 1 Diabetes. This is retail with heart.

Liz Wolff opened the shop doors onto Manhattan's East 12th Street in 2008. Since her own childhood type 1 diabetes diagnosis, Liz has been dedicated to the search for a cure - and from Day One, not only have Cure's proceeds gone directly to diabetes research, but its heart-of-NYC, brick-and-mortar presence has raised awareness of the disease's prevalence. For over a decade, Cure has been a New York City thrifting institution, known for its warm, engaging environment, impeccably trend-curated clothing, as well as its inventive - sometimes quirky, sometimes classical, oftentimes beautiful -furniture and homeware displays. The shop's interior and merchandise focus has evolved with the items that have passed through it. Disparate clothing, homeware, furniture, and donations from across the New York City community are processed and brought together through the shop. It is an active and unifying member of the East Village community, its shoppers being NYU and New School students; Greenwich Village regulars that remember a time when all businesses were small and locally owned, and Union Square professionals that need a gulp of non-corporate fresh air; international tourists and those fresh off the PATH train. Cure's path to growth has been cultivated by the recent cultural attention to sustainable fashion and ecological responsibility - recycling possessions, mediating special things from one person to the next, is one accessible and joyful way to spread that same message!

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111 EAST 12TH ST, NEW YORK, New York, 10003, USA

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