What we are looking for:
We are seeking a savvy social media guru to join our team. This role will focus on overseeing social media outreach, marketing strategies, advertising & branding. It will require a minimum of 10 hours weekly which includes a hour long bi-weekly briefing via video call.

Individual must enjoy social networking and have all of their social media handles synced, and updated. They must also be energetic, sociable and love connecting with people, whether it be by phone, in-person or online. You must also be a strategic thinker who understands business strategy and are able to build brand loyalty and keep content and product offerings up to date. We expect you to be a reliable creative thinker who can independently conduct research; develop relevant content; navigate across various social media platforms; and articulate recommendations/plans.

* Update social media platforms with specific focus on generating unique and well-written content and increase user engagement and impressions.
* Create web, print and graphic content.
* Assist with organizational marketing and planning tasks.
* Identify gaps and areas for improvement for marketing.
* Develop marketing campaigns.
* Track analytics.
* Develop an email list and curate email blasts using MailChimp.
* Provide reports on social media and email engagement/impressions.

* Have at least one year of experience using various social media platforms, including, but not limited to: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google and/or a current Communications, Public Relations, Marketing, Media, Journalism, Business Major or a related field.
* Excellent written and verbal communications skills.
* Ability to identify a target market and "speak" to consumer through social media.
* Ability to prioritize and complete assignments by established deadlines.
* Initiative to come up with fresh ideas on how to grow our online presence.
* Experience with digital media software preferred (i.e., Photoshop, Illustrator or other graphic design software).
* Proficiency with Microsoft Office.
* Experience in public relations, marketing, graphic design, and/or media arts.
* Willingness to learn.
* Excellent personality.

Job Type: Internship
Experience: Social Media Marketing: Two year minimum

To Apply:
Send your resume and/or portfolio to d4g@tobedestinedforgreatness.org


This opportunity starts on June 6, 2018, midnight and ends June 5, 2020, midnight EDT and happens once. All events occur at an action's local time based on the latest information provided to us. The time listed here has been automatically converted to your device's timezone if yours is different.


701 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washington, 20003, USA

Skills & Requirements
Verbal & Written Communication
Social Media
PR & Communications
Age 18+
Orientation or Training

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