• Weed, rake, trim, transplant, and separate plants in the Native Plant Courtyard Garden and the Bird and Butterfly Garden.

  • Help with ongoing trail maintenance: Remove trash, edge trails, assess hazardous trees, check and replenish letterboxes, refresh trail markers, etc.

  • Remove invasive species: Earthplace is home to a wide variety of flora, and we occasionally need to remove invasive species in order to maintain that diversity.

  • Help on a variety of building/construction projects. Specific needs: Carriers to transport our birds of prey to vet appointments and off-site presentations; an outdoor playpen to allow our indoor animals to enjoy some fresh air and remain safe from predators; a blind for bird-watching on our trails; nest boxes to attract a variety of wildlife.


This is a flexible activity that can be completed whenever you have enough free time.


Earthplace, 10 Woodside Lane, Westport, Connecticut, 06880, USA

Skills & Requirements
Age 18+
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For every action you complete, we plant one tree 🌳

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