The mission of Food Runners is to alleviate hunger in San Francisco. Food Runners accomplishes this by picking up excess, nutritional food from local businesses and delivering it directly to local nonprofit organizations that feed needy people. Food Runners provides businesses with an alternative to discarding their unwanted leftovers, helps charitable organizations in every neighborhood of San Francisco to feed the hungry, offers volunteers and donors the opportunity to directly impact the lives of their less fortunate neighbors, and in the process, creates community.

Food Runners is a volunteer-based nonprofit with minimal overhead. Our donors include restaurants, hotels, caterers, wholesalers and retailers. We deliver food donations to homeless shelters, drop-in centers, half-way houses, soup kitchens, hospices, residential facilities serving seniors, battered women, the mentally and physically disabled, and a variety of childrens' programs.

2579 Washington Street, San Francisco, California, 94115, USA

How to Get Involved & Help Food Runners