To help homeless and low-income multilingual women to achieve economic security through the use of their language skills To reduce ethnic, racial, and linguistic disparities in health care by unleashing bilingual talent into the workforce

Found in Translation is an award-winning nonprofit known for its innovation and effectiveness in turning social problems into opportunities. Our Medical Interpreter Certificate training and job placement program supports our two-fold mission.

Low-income communities are rich in bilingual talent. We identify promising candidates with limited economic resources and empower them to succeed in our program and in the interpreting profession. Our program is free of charge and includes common-sense supports such as on-site childcare, transportation assistance, mentoring, career coaching, financial education, job search assistance, and job placement.

Linguistic minority women may be at a double disadvantage, but Found in Translation helps them to capitalize on their existing strengths anduselanguage as a unique competitive advantage to attain financial security and success.

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