Girls Who Code Clubs are led by Facilitators, who are 18+ and can be teachers, computer scientists, librarians, parents, college students or volunteers from any background or field. Many Facilitators have NO technical experience and learn to code alongside their Club members. That’s why we use the term “Facilitator” instead of “teacher.” Our Club Facilitators guide Club girls through the curriculum, helping them to build sisterhood within the Club and learn to use computer science to impact their community.

To be a Facilitator, you must be 18+, available 3-4 hours per week (including travel & prep time) for the duration of the Club, which may either be the Fall semester, Spring semester, or full Academic year.


This is a flexible activity that can be completed whenever you have enough free time.


  United States

Skills & Requirements
Teaching & Education
Age 18+
Verbal & Written Communication

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