Mission: Glenwood Academy nurtures and educates at-risk children by inspiring excellence, building character, and strengthening community.

The goal of Glenwood Academy is to eradicate poverty, injustice and inequality through the power of residential education.

With a reputation of excellence for over 130 years, Glenwood Academy (formerly Glenwood School for Boys) is greater Chicago’s only boarding school that offers a safer, nurturing environment for disadvantaged children. Willing and able to learn but constrained by difficult social and economic situations, each year approximately 150 of these children come to Glenwood to live and learn - both in and out of the classroom. Stress factors in these children's lives include students who come from distressed and dangerous neighborhoods, single-parent and low-income families, underperforming schools, and other varying factors that impede growth and development. Here, young minds are challenged, character is built, family relationships are strengthened, and potential is attained. More than just a school, Glenwood is a bright new world of promise for disadvantaged children with the ability and desire to succeed.

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500 W. 187th St., Glenwood, Illinois, 60425, USA

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