Our mission is to educate and assist Central Texans in building organic food gardens. Our vision is to help Central Texans grow their own nutritious, affordable food grown in ways that conserve natural resources, promote self-reliance, and strengthen communities.

GCP serves its mission through direct service programs and education. Our organic food gardening program provides education, materials, and volunteer labor to build gardens for people who lack access to nutritious, affordable food. We work with families and individuals that are low-income, disabled, elderly or single caregivers, as well as schools, after-school programs, transitional housing communities and other organizations.

We also provide education about the methods and benefits of organic vegetable growing. GCP holds a number of Biointensive Gardening Skills Workshops per year that are open to the general public, and we are happy to do presentations for specific groups as well.

Green Corn Project (Austin) -- 36139 on Social
P. O. Box 49468, Austin, Texas, 78765, USA

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