We at Healthcare-NOW!, are advocating for a single-payer, national health care plan for all Americans. We believe that quality health care is a human right, and should be granted to all people in this country.

We are building a movement for a GuaranteedNational Health Insurance System in this country, quality healthcare for every human being. How do we do that? One person at a time, one organization, union, church, synagogue, mosque, community center, neighborhood at a time...

Specifically: we are developing an empowered leadership at the grassroots who understand the issue and engage in a variety of tactics to make it happen. No one tactic or strategy will move something this big. No one organization can do it. Top down efforts have never worked and that is why, for at least a dozen years, people have been led to believe that we cannot get real universal health care in this country. People have tried over and over to get national healthcare from the top down -- but it won't work. We are the ones that must make it happen. Every other advanced nation has it, but many people are still negative about the prospect of getting it here because the media and the politicians have deemed it impossible. We believe it can and will be done.

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