Latinitas is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering young Latinas through media and technology outreach programs and our own digital magazine written for and by these young girls.

Latinitas, an Austin-based nonprofit organization, is dedicated to empowering Latina youth using media and technology, providing direct digital media and technology training and esteem-boosting services to nearly 3,500 girls and teens across Texas annually, 2000 in Central and 1500 more in West Texas. Latinitas envisions a future in which all Latinas are strong and confident in their image. Girls and families in Latinitas learn the latest Web 2.0 platforms to design websites, do graphic design, produce video, record audio, blog, do photography, invent social media campaigns, develop video games and mobile apps, learn coding and robotics ensuring new and diverse voices in media and technology. Latinitas also produces the first and still only magazine of its kind, Latinitasmagazine.org (25K monthly viewers) and its own social media network: MyLatinitas.com (1400 registered girls). The publications serve as an opportunity to not only address STEM skills in web development, design and digital media production, but also to publish stories and images of Latina girls and women succeeding in media and technology fields, non-traditional jobs and other ventures, capitalizing on media’s power to influence behaviors, reveal role models and validate youth of color, their culture and identity.

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4926 East Cesar Chavez Street, La Mariposa Centro Cultural, Austin, Texas, 78702, USA

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