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Ready For 100 (RF100 and #Readyfor100) is a national, grassroots movement of people working to inspire our leaders to fight climate change and embrace a vision of healthier communities powered with 100% clean, renewable energy. We are asking mayors, CEOs, religious leaders, principals, civic and community leaders, parents and students in Frisco to commit to solutions that help us achieve 100% clean, renewable, and just energy across the United States. We are different from traditional grassroots campaigns in a few ways. RF100 is a distributed campaign, creating networks of local leaders who support each other in building a powerful, well-organized movement from the ground up. Local volunteers work city-by-city pursuing equity through transitions to 100% clean renewable energy that center the needs of affected communities. And nationally we’re building a movement amplifying these stories to demonstrate that 100% is not only possible, but it is happening now. These two strategies are working together to collectively shift the national public will to transition our energy sectors to a just 100% renewable energy future. Currently, 100+ cities including Atlanta, Salt Lake City, and San Diego, have already adopted ambitious 100% clean energy goals, and six cities in the U.S. -- Aspen, Burlington, Georgetown, Greensburg, Kodiak Island, and Rock Port -- have already hit their targets


This is a flexible activity that can be completed whenever you have enough free time.


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