Committed to innovation, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation collects, preserves, and interprets modern and contemporary art, and explores ideas across cultures through dynamic curatorial and educational initiatives and collaborations. With its constellation of architecturally and culturally distinct museums, exhibitions, publications, and digital platforms, the foundation engages both local and global audiences.

What Is Learning Through Art?

Learning Through Art (LTA), an artist residency program, cultivates student creativity by designing sustained, process-oriented art projects that support learning across the curriculum. The program sends experienced teaching artists into New York City public schools, where they collaborate with classroom teachers to develop and facilitate art projects integrated into the school curriculum. During the 20-week in-school residencies, participating students examine, discuss, and create works of art. Visits to the Guggenheim support the residencies, offering new insights into art and challenging students to think critically about art and ideas. At the end of the residency, selected student works are exhibited in the annual A Year with Children exhibition held at the Guggenheim Museum.

Learning Through Art was founded in 1970 by Natalie K. Lieberman in response to the elimination of art and music programs from New York City public schools. Over the past 40 years, LTA has served over 100,000 students from diverse economic and cultural backgrounds in all five boroughs of New York City.

1071 5TH AVE, NEW YORK, New York, 10128, USA

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