Sewing for Living Project is a free and easily accessible support project for the Immigrant and refugees women to help reduce the current social, Economic and cultural barriers and promote cultural sharing and relationships. This program also caters for the young girls in the area, providing similar support in sewing skills and relationship building.

Days and Times: Thursday 4pm to 7pm , Friday 4pm to 7pm , Saturday 2pm t0 4pm


- Lead the sewing classes each week for the Women
- Teach sewing along with other arts &crafts activities
- Provide instruction and demonstration of basic stitching, use of basic patterns for bags, cushion covers and clothing items, means for mending damaged clothing and other alterations, basic machine use, and basic machine maintenance.
- Prepare course material and provide training instructions to all the participants.
- Communicate information with enthusiasm, clarity and patience
- Ensure safe and appropriate use of all equipment
- Guide the volunteers to ensure supported learning for all group participants
- Liaise regularly with the Sewical Initiative Program Coordinator to advise on program developments or
requirements, and to promptly report on any concerns.

We will provide you with a translator and all sewing Materials and any other help needed.

Its a fun and Flexible Class, Each day you will learn from the women, hear their stories while you enjoy Somali a hot spicy Somali Tea which is a conversation Starters.

Join us and help Women Achieve and Thrive.


This is a flexible activity that can be completed whenever you have enough free time.


  2323 11th Ave S, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55404, USA

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Age 18+

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