We have three objectives:

The Stonewall Citizens' Patrol is a volunteer neighborhood watch patrol group operating in the highly diverse Hillcrest, North Park and University Heights areas of San Diego. Over 30 volunteers receive training from the San Diego Police Department and take turns patrolling the streets.

In addition to patrolling, the organization focuses on crime awareness and crime prevention which includes distributing safety whistles, crime prevention posters, and safety tip cards.

Our volunteers conduct themselves with a "hands-off" approach and do not carry weapons. We are merely additional "eyes and ears" for the San Diego Police Department.

3909 Centre St, San Diego, California, 92103, USA

We don't have any actions or opportunities for Stonewall Citizens' Patrol on Brightest right now. If you'd like to help Stonewall Citizens' Patrol, try visiting their website and/or contacting them directly.