Volunteer Coordinator: Oversee a team of people ,someone who is great at motivating people, solving problems, and establishing an overall team collaboration. This position will requires a high level of commitment.

  • Recruits, work with all committees, communicate with volunteers, organize and delegate tasks.
  • Provide Executive Committee board with updates.

Fundraising: Assist with efforts for fundraising events, securing donations (pick up if required), and hand writing thank you notes to all donors and supporters. This committee does not require a high level of commitment.

PROFESSIONAL VOLUNTEERS: Volunteers that are business owners who are able to volunteer their company services at or during an event. Business Owners/Business Professionals can volunteer services based on their availability.

  • Example: Photographer, Event Planner/Decorator, Band, Hair Stylist/ Salon Owner, Motivation Speakers, Etc.,
  • Business Professionals/ Business Owners can be apart of our network of Partners.

Social Media Relations: Individual is creative and understands how social media works. This committee requires a high level of commitment.

  • Oversee social media platform, & online presence.

Event: Individual able to multi-task & makes sure everyone has a great time.

  • Assist with the planning of events. Arrange seating, coordinate registration, coordinate & oversee execution of event planning, coordinate direction to corporate volunteers, create program, coordinate table setting & guest cards, provide direction and assist with set up of donor or sponsors (EX: Restaurant donation).


This is a flexible activity that can be completed whenever you have enough free time.


1302 Waugh Dr, Houston, Texas, 77019, USA

Skills & Requirements
Child Development
Grant Writing or Fundraising
Teaching & Education
Age 18+
Orientation or Training
Background Check

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