Legacy Corps for Veterans & Military Families (LCVMF) Caregiver Support Services include a range of community-based support services targeted to veteran and or military families of all ages. Services are designed to decrease caregiving burden and stress and empower the caregiver and care recipient through education and community resources to maintain and or improve their quality of life.

LCVMF members provide a minimum of 450 hours of combined service and training for the contracted period. Including: 8-10 hours of on-site in-home respite care per week with 1-2 families that enables the caregiver to attend to essential family or personal needs. Additional services are the dissemination of information to the caregiver and or care recipient on various medical condition, coping strategies, social services, support venues, medical/physical interventions and other resources. The members have printed informational resources and serve as navigators in the referral process to securing other auxiliary services.

All activities are of a non-medical nature and LCVMF members are strictly prohibited from offering personal medical advice, diagnosing and or other medical therapies. LCVMF members may also provide transportation support. Pre-Service and on-going training up to 80 hours is provided.


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