For over forty-five years, the Tibetan Aid Project (TAP) has dedicated its efforts to restoring and preserving Tibet's cultural and spiritual heritage. Working with an all-volunteer staff, the Project has served as a bridge between donors in the West and the Tibetan people.

Established thirty years ago by Tibetan lama Tarthang Tulku to help preserve Tibet's heritage. Today, TAP raises funds to support the production, shipment and distribution of priceless Tibetan texts and sacred art to Tibetans in Asia. It also sponsors traditional prayer ceremonies that contribute to the stability and vitality of the exile communities. The Project supports monasteries, nunneries, and schools, as well as offering aid to individual Tibetans in need. More than 3000 monastic centers and hundreds of thousands of Tibetan exiles - from all schools of Tibetan Buddhism - have benefited from TAP's work.

1815 Highland Place, BERKELEY, California, 94709, USA

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