ESA Weekly Meeting (7pm Mondays in TCC 450)

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ESA encourages and facilitates the academic, pre-professional, cultural, social, and political self-realization of the University of Southern California’s environmental student groups as individuals and as a unified student community and advances and develops the green culture of the University and neighboring community.

It is our mission to...

1. Engage: connect students to the environmental community through our programming and bring in new students to ideas of sustainability.

2. Inform: provide students with correct information about environmental issues and about university action to confront them.

3. Empower: give students the resources and opportunities to get involved, voice their interests, and have an impact.

We meet every Monday from 7pm - 8pm in TCC 450


This is a flexible activity that can be completed whenever you have enough free time.


  3607 Trousdale Pkwy TCC 450, Los Angeles, California