Veterans Moving Forward is a nonprofit organization based in Sterling, Virginia, dedicated to the raising, training, and placement of service dogs with eligible disabled veterans. We are looking for an Assistant Dog Trainer.

Competencies :

- Has a strong sense of purpose and high standards.

- Is patient, enthusiastic and has fun while training.

- Good communicator.

- Able to recruit and train volunteer puppy raisers and sitters, ensuring the well being of canines, help facilitate service dogs and maintain contact with Veterans and conduct home visits.

Preferred :

- Connected to the mission and vision of Veterans Moving Forward .

- A person that understands each dog is unique.

- Understands the principles of operant and classical conditioning and reward based training.


This is a flexible activity that can be completed whenever you have enough free time.


44225 Mercure Circle, Suite 130, Sterling, Virginia, 20166, USA

Skills & Requirements
Verbal & Written Communication

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