Veterans Moving Forward is a nonprofit organization based in Sterling, Virginia, dedicated to the raising, training, and placement of service dogs with eligible disabled veterans. We are looking for a Social Media Marketer to manage content and analytic reports for various social media channels.


-Manages the posting of content to VMF social media accounts

-Monitors social media accounts for activity and utilizes software or tools to analyze data

-Draws insights from data on ways to effectively grow campaigns

-Excels or is interested in growth hacking

-Identifies targeted audiences and makes recommendations to the Director of Marketing & Communications on ideas for tailoring communications so as to attract followers from targeted audiences

-Suggests innovative ways to create interest with content


This is a flexible activity that can be completed whenever you have enough free time.


44225 Mercure Circle, Suite 130, sterling, Virginia, 20166, USA

Skills & Requirements
PR & Communications
Social Media

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