Who wants to listen to a boring podcast on water conservation? Not even me! So we're starting a new podcast that will get folks fascinated with water, thus paying more attention to the way they use it.

We'll start with a series of 3 podcast shows that focus on one aspect of each of the three phases of water. Mix of interviews with scientist, artists - mixing cutting-edge scientific experimentation, art, personal experiences, poetry and music. We're starting with a deep look into the water drop.

This is a new endeavor for Wholly H2O, and we're excited to work with you in learning how to produce them. We'll use these first three to garner followers and funding.

Please have gear and skills in audio recording and editing, be able to guide us through what it takes to create the first several podcasts, be communicative and responsive, stay on deadlines, and ready to have fun with this project.


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339 15th Street, Oakland, California, 94612, USA

Skills & Requirements
Age 18+
Video & Film

Wholly H2O

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