Resources to Help You Grow and Promote Your Climate Strike

Brightest is a digital organizing hub for positive social change. Today, thousands of people, activists, community organizers, and non-profits around the world use our website and apps to share their work, engage and involve supporters, and build followers for their movement. Along the way, we've become one of the leading online destinations for climate activism, with chapters of Extinction Rebellion, Sunrise Movement, Fridays for Future, Youth Climate Strike, and independent student activists listing and sharing their actions.

If you're currently involved in climate activism or #FridaysForFuture strikes, here are a few ways we might be able to help:

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How to Organize for Climate Justice

Our best tips, lessons, and learnings on climate organizing. Whether you're an experienced climate activist or a movement newcomer, learn important principles and strategies for building community power and taking your climate impact to the next level

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Community Organizing 101 - How to Start a Grassroots Movement

New to climate activism or organizing? Learn how to launch a grassroots environmental movement or climate strike, build relationships and supporters, and mobilize people to save the planet.

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List Your Climate Action(s) on Brightest

If you're a climate striker, activist, or organizer, you can apply for a free organizer account to organize and promote your events and campaigns ("apply" because we use a simple screening process to keep bad people off our platform). After all, you're fighting to save our future, so it's the least we can do.

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Take Action for Climate Justice

Want to get involved with an existing climate movement? We also have a searchable database of progressive climate actions, events, and volunteer opportunities in many different countries. Every time you complete a measurable act of good through Brightest, we also plant a tree as a personal thank you to double your climate impact.

Take Action

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Need more help? Have other ideas for us? Feel free to send us a message and we'll do our best to support you.