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Here's a list of actions, ideas, ways to help, volunteer and donation opportunities to help those impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19). Note: the health and safety of you, those closest to you, and our most vulnerable communities (particularly the elderly) are the most important things to us, so please only volunteer at your own risk and be sure to take proper precautions if you're out doing active work in the community (diligent hand-washing, disinfectant use, etc.). One of the most impactful things you can do is to practice responsible social distancing and encourage others as well (#StayHomeSaveLives), as well as safely checking in on elderly neighbors, friends, and relatives.

Submit a coronavirus relief organization, cause, project, opportunity or request to list on this page here.

To offer a specific resource or form of help, please submit it here.

If you'd like to find or get involved in virtual or remote volunteer opportunities, please go here.

If you're setting up a mutual aid network and would like to use Brightest to manage intake requests, volunteers, and team communications, please go here.

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