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Modern Software to Measure, Manage, and Report Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Impact

Clearer CSR Impact, Fewer Data Headaches

Over 300+ purpose-driven organizations trust Brightest for CSR program visibility, stakeholder engagement, impact measurement, data collection, and performance reporting

Simplify corporate social responsibility (CSR), social impact, and ESG reporting with a modern, beautiful platform for quantifying community and employee engagement programs, inspiring positive change, and measuring your performance.

No matter what size your CSR program is today, Brightest gives you the most advanced, flexible, and collaborative platform for data-driven CSR reporting, impact measurement, and stakeholder engagement. Tired of scattered documents, stretched spreadsheets, outdated tools, and systems that don't talk to each other? Let Brightest handle the complexity of achieving and reporting on your CSR targets so the burden doesn't fall on you.

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From Inspiration to Direct Impact and Outcomes

Fundraising, Giving, Donation & CSR Software

Create Custom Impact, CSR and ESG Hubs

Launch and track projects, or create searchable, custom-branded event collections, fundraisers, engagement hubs, initiatives, and microsites in minutes to help your community or employees find ways to get involved, give, and take position action

True Cross-Functional Collaboration

Use Brightest's integrated communication and workflow tools to help every team, partner, and stakeholder do more, stay engaged, share data, and understand their impact and footprint contribution

Unparalled Visibility

Our advanced data segmentation and reporting helps you monitor every step of your ESG journey and identify improvement opportunities. You can even create your own custom impact surveys to collect qualitative and quantitative data from employees, suppliers, partners, or other stakeholders

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Employee, Partner & CSR Stakeholder Engagement & Visibility

See Everything, Engage Every Stakeholder

ESG & CSR Stakeholder Engagement

Complete Visibility

Unlike other systems, Brightest's breadth, flexibility, and comprehensive approach to ESG and CSR gives you unparalleled visibility into your organization's programs, people, and impact

Collaborative Engagement

Understanding, tracking, and measuring impact involves employees, non-profit partners, community stakeholders, and other parts of your organization. Let Brightest give you the tools to engage everyone around positive outcomes

Track Every Impact

Understand partner-by-partner (or employee-by-employee) impact and engagement data. You can even create your own custom impact surveys to gather data and get qualitative feedback directly.

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Measure and Report What Matters

CSR & ESG Reporting

Track, Measure & Report Anything

Custom metrics, flexible data mapping, and comprehensive scope let you gather, measure, and report on any data point or CSR indicator your organization tracks or needs

Operating Metrics

For socially responsible and purpose-driven companies using established standards like the UN SDGs, SASB, B-Corps, TCFD, or CDP, Brightest can help you track and report valuable operating metrics to assess program performance, impact, standards compliance, and risk

360° CSR Measurement & Reporting

Brightest offers out-of-the-box and custom CSR measurement and reporting tools, frameworks, apps, integrations, and data solutions. Contact us to learn more

Whatever your mission, sustainability targets, and needs are, there's no platform and partner more flexible, customizable, and comprehensive than Brightest. After all, Brightest can measure (literally) anything that matters.

Sustainalytics ESG measurement
UN SDG social impact measurement
SASB ESG measurement
GRI impact measurement
Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG) sustainability measurement
B Corp measurement and certification