End-to-End Software for Safe, Efficient EU CSRD Reporting

Brightest delivers intelligent, GDPR-compliant software to help organizations efficiently collect data, calculate metrics, and complete CSRD-compliant reporting disclosures

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  • Carbon Neutral
  • Enterprise-Grade
EU CSRD reporting software
Science Based Targets and carbon accounting software
Climate risk & ESG reporting software
EU CSRD Reporting and Sustainability Data Management Software
Sustainability Management, ESG Reporting & Carbon Accounting Software

A Unified Software Platform for CSRD Data Collection, Management & Reporting

Unify CSRD compliance, carbon accounting and climate targets, sustainability reporting, and more with an integrated and audit-ready platform for addressing all your company's CSRD and sustainability needs

Whether you're a global company, small-to-medium enterprise, or a growing startup, Brightest gives you the most flexible, comprehensive, and user-friendly governance platform for data-driven sustainability, value chain and stakeholder engagement, and CSRD reporting

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 See all your sustainability and CSRD data and reporting in real-time
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 Integrated double materiality and Scope 1-2-3 GHG calculations
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 Automated, flexible ESG and sustainability data collection workflows
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 Intelligent, comprehensive analytics, dashboards, and reporting
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 CSRD reporting and disclosure builder with task management and team collaboration
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 AI-powered recommendations and productivity tools
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 Secure, audit and assurance-ready governance and controls

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We're a recognized international leader in measuring and simplifying operational sustainability, carbon accounting, and ESG reporting. Brightest starts by giving you powerful flexibility to collect, customize, and integrate different data sources. And, if our software can't meet your desired needs and workflows out of the box, contact us for a custom data, reporting, or technical solution proposal tailored to your goals. We support companies and organizations using the European Union (EU) Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS and CSRD), United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), B Corp certification, and enterprise sustainability standards like IFRS (ISSB), SASB, CDP, TCFD, and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol. We also develop our own proprietary models, forecasting, analytics, and reporting tools

EU CSRD reporting
Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG) sustainability measurement

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EU CSRD Data, Measurement & Dashboard Software
EU CSRD Data Management Software

Save Time and Costs Complying with CSRD

Brightest is the only ESG and sustainability software platform that gives you the flexibility to fully customize your data, collaboration, reporting, and governance system across your organization's strategy, operations, material risks and opportunities, reporting, and climate targets. Whether you need to measure industry-standard metrics like Scope 1, 2, and 3 CO2 emissions, energy, waste, and workplace health & safety, or more complex CSRD disclosure requirements, our platform gives you a unified toolkit to make your CSRD reporting more efficient, transparent, and accurate

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 Save time and costs measuring, reporting, and assuring your CSRD reports
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 Historical report versioning, comparisons & audit trails
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 Empower your CSRD data collection teams and collaborators
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 Improve controls, visibility, and data governance
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 Reduce data inconsistencies and errors
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 Accelerate sustainability performance

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Meets High Standards of Social & Environmental Impact

EFRAG ESRS CSRD Sustainability Reporting

Supporting EFRAG's Mission to Implement Successful EU Sustainability Reporting Standards

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