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Teach And Play With Kids During Our After School Care Program!

Community Empowerment Northern Virginia

Flexible times

We seek volunteers to work with a great group of children (ages 5-12). You would facilitate or assist in facilitating group games, arts and crafts, sports, academic projects, and many other enriching experiences! You are welcome to specialize in particular types of activities, if you have preferences. While guiding children through activities, you would also encourage children to develop positive character traits, such as creativity, empathy, and resilience. This is a fun and meaningful chance to be a role model who helps children to become their best selves. You would have a great time spending your afternoons playing and learning with enthusiastic and ceaselessly curious children. The time commitment is at least 4 weeks. You pick which weekday(s) and shift(s) of 1-3 hours work best for you within the hours of 2:30 pm - 7:00 pm. Even if you are only available for a few hours each week, your time would be very appreciated. If you are eager to spread some joy into a child's life, we cannot wait to hear from you. This is an especially great opportunity for college and high school students! In thanks for your commitment to improving the lives of children at our after-school program, we would be happy to write a letter of recommendation and serve as a reference for future opportunities and college/scholarship applications.

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45698 Elmwood Ct., Unit B
Sterling, Virginia 20166