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Images For Good

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images for Good is a non-profit organization that uses Photography as a tool of change! Our organization is young but quickly growing and transforming. Much of our time and energy is focused on strengthening and growing relationships with students and the community. Consequently, this leaves a minimal amount of time to focus on streamlining our message, creating clear and concise visual materials for potential donors and partners, and expanding our digital footprint. We are eager to get fresh eyes with the necessary skills onto our team in order to launch us into the next phase of our journey. Please review the contents below for more information about our work. See our program overview on Comcast News: CONNECT Students with opportunities to serve, mentoring, and equipment to useCommunity elements for collective (versus individual) impactWe SERVECommunity programs and causes by helping tell their important stories in ways that better engage others to volunteer, advise, or donate to help address causes like Human Trafficking, Opportunity Inequality, Veterans Issues, Homelessness, and Food/Health InsecurityStudents as we mentor them (and they in turn mentor others) in ways that better prepare students for their futures by giving them life, job, relationship, STEAM, creativity, and photography skillsWe INSPIREStudent Artists to become Service Leaders, using the creative process to build community capability that inspires other Students to joinOther people and programs to help others with their unique gifts and talents...creating positive spirals of growth in our community

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various locations in DC, Northern VA, and MD
Vienna, Virginia 22180

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