Brightest Platform

A Unified System for Managing Mutual Aid Networks

Simplify your virtual and remote mutual aid network planning, promotion, marketing, organizing, and impact with a modern platform for reaching and inspiring people online. More structured and organized than Slack and Google Docs, more purpose-built for community organizing than Facebook or generic tools. Whether you're an organizer, school, non-profit, community project, political campaign, or purpose-led organization, Brightest gives you the most advanced, flexible platform for managing successful digital community-building and getting your people involved in what matters - even virtually.

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Virtual Action Planning & Management

A More Efficient Way to Inspire Positive Action

Event Management and Calendar Software

Event Calendar

Plan, schedule, promote, share, embed, and collect signups for remote events, fundraisers, digital actions, and more with a flexible, integrated event calendar and action feed.

Landing Pages

Auto-generated, responsive signup and landing pages save you time and increase conversion rates. Subdomains, whitelabeling, and custom branding are available for premium partners. Easily capture Zoom and other webinar or livestream signups with webhooks and custom thank you pages.

Integrated Volunteer & Request Management

Build custom forms, survey, and intake pages, create volunteer shifts and impact opportunities, and help your community work together, avoid decentralized document clutter, and see everything that matters in one place.

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Remote Community Engagement

From Inspiration to Direct Involvement

Event Management and Calendar Software

Search & Discovery

Create searchable, custom-branded event collections, engagement hubs, microsites, or maps in minutes to help your community find more ways to get involved and take position action.

Engagement Flows and Steps

Use Brightest's integrated communication flows and sequenced engagement steps to help community-members advance, do more, and achieve.

Engagement Stage Tracking

Understand person-by-person and community-level engagement rates, stages, and trends. Or create custom digital surveys to gather data and get feedback directly.

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Turn Messages Into Actions

Communication and Email Software


Skip tool overload and compose targeted email messages to teammates, community-members, and other segments - without needing to open another tab, sync lists, or buy standalone email software.

Text (SMS)

Need another channel to reach young people and mobile-friendly audiences? Brightest has you covered.

Communication Integrations

Inside organizations, effective communication often requires sending messages in spaces where people already are. That's why Brightest integrates with tools like Slack and Google Calendar to simplify internal info distribution.

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Mutual Aid Network Measurement   |    Digital Community Engagement Analytics

Measure What Matters

Employee / Campus Engagment Analytics and Social Impact Measurement Software

Grow and Track Your Aid Network

Develop groups and chapters, invite and collaborate with teammates, and expand your network's reach and aid work with better internal visibility over what's happening and what needs to be done.

Engagement Metrics

Understand person-by-person, segment (team, group, attendee), and community-level engagement rates, stages, and trends.

Integrated Workflow CRM Reporting

With Brightest, you don't need to use extra systems like Mailchimp or Salesforce to track supporters and build your list. Skip the extra browser tab (and costs) and manage your contacts in one place.

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