Our community and partner criteria

When we say "Our mission is to help people live better, work better, and change the world on their terms." Here's what that means:

live a happy fulfilling life

Live Better

No one should live in poverty. And no one should suffer from a lack of access to basic needs and care. That's our collective priority #1. Next, we need to make real improvements in each other's lives: health, happiness, love, sustainable living, and the opportunity to do meaningful work.

purposeful work and ways to spend time

Work Better

Work sits at the center of human potential - our ability to create and innovate. We believe everyone has a right to do meaningful, fulfilling work and earn a livable wage. Research consistently shows purposeful work is one of the top deciding factors of your overall happiness.

organize, volunteer and change the world

Change the World (Your Way)

There are a lot of things in the world we need to make better. And a lot of ways you can get involved and create positive change. Whether you're just looking to volunteer a few hours in your free time for a worthy cause, or find a new job that aligns with your values and passions - we're here to help.

Since we think it's important to pick sides and take a stand on issues that matter, we will only work with partners who share our values. Yes, we do sell technology and software, but our values are not for sale.

To that end, we will only accept and work with people, organizations, and partners who believe in and abide by the following:

You must believe in tolerance and inclusivity

We succeed when we embrace different people and perspectives. That's true for us, for our country, and for the world at large. At Brightest specifically, we have to be champions for diversity, tolerance, and equal treatment of people, regardless of where they’re from, who they love, who they identify as, how they look, or what they believe. We only work with people and partners who share and practice this belief.

You don't have to be verified carbon-negative or carbon-neutral, but your work or business cannot actively contribute to climate change (i.e., fossil fuels, fracking, not even trying to be sustainable with your environmental footprint).

We believe climate change and biodiversity loss represent one of the most important challenges of our generation, and we stand behind that belief with our business practices, our "One Action, One Tree" program, and everything else we do. We will not take fossil fuel money or work with any partner funded by fossil fuel interests, or whose work consistently creates negative externalities for the environment and our communities.

You must engage in ethical, moral work that puts people first and contributes to positive progress

We want to work with darers, dreamers, doers, and change-makers - not perpetuate or push along the same status quo. You should be able to show or tell a compelling story about how your work is contributing to a better future.

We believe in you

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can (you got this 👌).

That's what we believe in. And if you believe in the same values and principles - let's talk.