Tools for organizers - designed by organizers

When you're trying to change the world, sometimes Facebook, Mailchimp, and spreadsheets won't cut it.

We know what it's like to plan dozens of events in different cities at the same time. Or coordinate hundreds - even thousands - of people around a movement or shared purpose. Then try to figure out who did what when to better understand the outcomes and next steps.

That's why we designed Brightest from the ground up to simplify community-building, volunteer recruiting and management, corporate social responsibility, sustainable hiring, social impact measurement, and that's just the beginning.

At the moment, Brightest is currently in private beta with a select number of partners

To inquire about working with us as a non-profit, brand, organizer, political campaign, or media partner, please use the form below to tell us where you're looking to go and what challenges you need help solving. We're an API-first company with deep data, organizing, and campaign experience, a committed network of change-makers, and global reach.

So if it sounds like our mission matches your mission, we'd be happy to introduce ourselves and tell you more.