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When you're trying to change the world, sometimes you need more than Facebook, email, spreadsheets, and chat tools.

We know what it's like to plan dozens of events in different cities at the same time. Or coordinate hundreds - even thousands - of people around a movement or shared purpose. Then try to figure out who did what (when) to better understand outcomes and next steps.

That's why we designed Brightest from the ground up to simplify community-building, organizing, and engagement, event coordination, volunteer recruiting and management, social responsibility and impact measurement, and more.

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Social media gets you reach, but it's hard to convert it into meaningful connections and real, on-the-ground impact. Local organizing builds community, but can be exhausting to coordinate and measure as efforts scale. Brightest helps sync your digital and community strategies in one comprehensive, easy-to-use engagement platform for building a following and getting them behind your mission.

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Progressive Organizations

Whether it's advocacy reach, campaign coordination, mobilizing volunteers, or more efficient, inspired community-building, Brightest offers non-profits, campaigns, schools, and social impact organizations the most advanced, modern tool-set for engaging supporters, managing events, coordinating field involvement, and measuring program impact.

manage, measure and track corporate social responsibility program

Companies Who Care

Employees want to do work that matters - and customers want to buy from responsible companies who enrich their communities, not just themselves. Whether you're a corporate social responsibility (CSR) leader looking for more employee-centric engagement solutions, environmental offsets, or trying to mobilize employees for good, Brightest makes every step more seamless, transparent, and data-driven.

Who We Help
Sunrise Movement
Girls Inc
Fridays for Future
ADI at Columbia University
March for Science
Sierra Club
NY Renews
Crohns Foundation

To work with us as a non-profit, advocacy group, organizer, social responsibility leader, or any other type of partner, please get in touch to tell us where you're looking to go and what you need help solving. We're an API-first company with deep data, organizing, and sustainability experience, a committed network of change-makers, and global reach.

Brightest Connects Easily With Hundreds of Your Favorite Tools
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If it sounds like our missions match, we'd be happy to introduce ourselves and tell you more.