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Models for Mission-Driven Organizations

All Brightest premium software plans come with unlimited admins and virtual + in-person events, campaigns, and social impact actions. For organizations who aren't ready for a platform (or need extra customization) we can also support your ESG, impact, and sustainability work in other ways

Enterprise ESG

Comprehensive ESG management and reporting for global organizationsorgs and listed companies
Starts at


per year, billed annually


Integrated ESG, sustainability and impact tools for organizations up to 3,000 employees
Starts at


per year, billed annually


All-in-one sustainability and impact system for startups, B-corps & mission-driven orgs up to 300 employees
Starts at


per year, billed annually


For local non-profits, public schools, open source groups, and social impact projects
We give back too, so it's


for small non-profits and mission-driven community projects

Compare Plans

Enterprise ESGTransformImpactLaunch
Brands, Regions, Business Units, or TeamsUnlimited2-1011
Account Users and CollaboratorsUnlimited200205
Scope 1, 2, 3 GHG Emissions Calculator & Accounting
Emissions Targets, Reduction & Forecasting
Transit, Transportation, Travel & Shipping EventsUp to 500,000 per monthUp to 100,000 per monthUp to 30,000 per month
ESG Frameworks & Standards105
ESG Dashboard
ESG Reporting
Report Approval Flows
Analytics & Data Visualizations
ESG Metrics and KPIs
Operational Analytics
ESG Risk Tracker
Corporate Pollicy Tracker
Compliance & Certifications Tracker
Data Validation & Data Quality Checks
Audit Log
Suppliers and PartnersUnlimited50020020
Supplier AssessmentsUp to 3
Supplier ScorecardsUp to 3
Supplier ESG AnalyticsUp to 3
Supply Chain Environmental Management
Supply Chain ESG Compliance
Social ESG & EHS ReportingUp to 3
Custom Forms and Stakeholder SurveysUp to 3
Community, Partnership, & Stakeholder ToolsCore
Community Impact Action Hub
Fundraising, Donations, Giving & Philanthropy
Volunteering and Volunteer Management
Community CRM with Engagement TrackingUnlimitedUp to 3,000 contacts or employeesUp to 500 contacts or employeesUp to 500 contacts or employees
Events, Tickets, Signups, Calendar, Check-ins
Community and Employee CommunicationAdvanced segmentationAdvanced segmentationBasic sendingBasic sending
Data Import/Export
Single Sign-on (SSO)
API Access
Slack Integration
Custom Logo and BrandingIncludes custom subdomain and whitelabeling
Custom Integrations (ERP, HRIS, CRM, etc.)
24/7 Premium SupportDedicated enterprise servicesSelf-serve tutorials & documentationSelf-serve tutorials & documentation
Account Manager
Enterprise Services
Language SupportEnglish, Spanish, French, German + additional languages and translation capabilitiesEnglish, Spanish, French, GermanEnglish, Spanish, French, GermanEnglish, Spanish, French, German
 Get a Quote & Free AssessmentGet a Quote & Free AssessmentStarts at $5,900/yrStart Free

Note: The Brightest free plan is available to qualifying local non-profits, public schools, community organizations, organizers, artists, open source groups, and social impact projects. Free plans are not available to for-profit corporations, universities, and political campaigns. To discuss your specific needs with us, please get in touch.

Why 300+ Organizations Around the World Trust Brightest

What Sets Our ESG & Sustainability Platform Apart

As a recognized leader in ESG, sustainability, and social impact software, our mission is to make it fast, easy, secure, and painless to collect critical data, accelerate your work, and create positive outcomes for your organization, its stakeholders, and the planet. Let us work hard to deliver your organization the data, insights, and risk reduction it needs, because we're better working together.

  • Optimized for ease-of-use, fast learning, and getting you value and results immediately
  • We're always listening and work hand-in-hand with our customers to set them up for success
  • We don't send customers to help desks, we're real experts getting you answers and solutions 24/7
  • Flexible ways to collect the data that matters, including APIs, integrations, custom surveys, file uploads, and more
  • Everything's connected, end-to-end, because we made the ESG system we wanted to use ourselves (and do)
  • Enterprise-grade security meets startup vision, experience design, and innovation