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A Unified System for ESG, Sustainability and Social Impact

Brightest gives you modern software for strategic planning, data collection, stakeholder collaboration, sustainability, and ESG compliance, measurement, and reporting

ESG, Sustainability and Social Impact Reporting Software

Align, engage, act, measure, and report ESG, sustainability, and social impact performance with a modern, beautiful, audit-ready platform for inspiring change, understanding and reducing your carbon footprint, and realizing your brand's full potential. Whether you're a company, government, university, non-profit, NGO, or purpose-led organization, Brightest gives you the most advanced, flexible, secure, and user-friendly platform for data-driven impact, operational measurement, and multi-stakeholder communication

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ESG Management   |   ESG Data Collection   |   ESG Reporting Software

Bring Your ESG Strategy, Data and Goals Together

ESG Data Collection and Reporting Software

Omni-Stakeholder ESG & Sustainability Data Collection

Centralize, collect, and automate data from surveys, materiality assessments, spreadsheets, PDFs, business systems and more with a flexible, streamlined, and easy-to-use tool that also offers a RESTful API and integration capabilities for hundreds of software tools and IT systems

Reduce ESG & Sustainability Complexity

Use Brightest to help simplify and bridge the gap across different ESG, sustainability, and impact measurement standards, frameworks, and methodologies

Empower Your Organization and Break Down Silos

Most software tools focus only on a narrow segment of ESG or sustainability, like carbon accounting or EHS. Only Brightest gives you the full lens, flexibility, and adaptability to meet you wherever you are in your organization's ESG journey - and whatever your biggest challenges are.

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CSR   |   Philanthropy & Giving   |   Impact Programs   |   Employee Engagement

From Inspiration to Direct Impact and Outcomes

Fundraising, Giving, Donation & CSR Software

Create Custom Impact, CSR and Climate Action Hubs

Launch and track projects, or create searchable, custom-branded event collections, fundraisers, engagement hubs, initiatives, and microsites in minutes to help your community or employees find ways to get involved, give, and take position action

True Cross-Functional Collaboration

Use Brightest's integrated communication and workflow tools to help every team, partner, and stakeholder do more, stay engaged, share data, and understand their impact and footprint contribution

Unparalleled Visibility

Our advanced data segmentation and reporting helps you monitor every step of your ESG journey and identify improvement opportunities. You can even create your own custom impact surveys to collect qualitative and quantitative data from employees, suppliers, partners, or other stakeholders

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Social Impact Measurement   |   CSR Measurement    |    Sustainability & Carbon Accounting    |    ESG Reporting

Measure and Report What Matters

ESG, Sustainability & Social Impact Measurement and Analytics Software

Unified ESG & Sustainability Reporting

Use our automated tools and tutorials or work directly with a Brightest expert to map your ESG strategy, data sources, and targets to measurable metrics, KPIs, and reporting standards for internal improvement and external communication

Non-Financial Operating Metrics

For socially responsible and purpose-driven companies (UN SDG, IRIS, SASB, B-Corps), non-profits, and other impact organizations Brightest's Analytics and dashboards help you track valuable operating metrics to assess program performance and impact

Social Impact and Sustainability

Brightest offers out-of-the-box and custom social impact and sustainability reporting tools, frameworks, apps, integrations, and data solutions. Contact us to learn more

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"Using the Brightest platform and tools, we can now identify our suppliers' ESG strengths, gaps, challenges, and opportunities we can collaborate on. As we move into 2023, Brightest is helping us define measurable short-term and long-term action plans to empower a more sustainable Outerstuff"

- Nathan Fleisig, Director of CSR and ESG

Outerstuff Sustainability & ESG Supply Chain Case Study

Brightest Integrates and Connects With Hundreds of Your Favorite Tools

Flexible, Configurable and Designed For Your Needs

Shopify integration
Oracle Netsuite integration
Microsoft Azure
Salesforce integration
SAP Concur integration
Power BI integration
Workday integration
Tableau integration
Google Docs
Django REST API integration

Whatever your mission, ESG targets, IT architecture, and needs are, there's no platform and partner more flexible, customizable, and comprehensive than Brightest. We can integrate with almost any business system or data source, and work closely with our customers at every step of their ESG, sustainability, and impact journey to solve problems, create efficiencies, and scale data-driven best practices. Plus, Brightest can help your organization stay up to date with business-critical ESG steps like:

TCFD climate reporting framework
UN SDG social impact measurement
SASB ESG measurement
GRI impact measurement
Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG) sustainability measurement
B Corp measurement and certification

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Why 500+ Organizations Around the World Trust Brightest

What Sets Our ESG & Sustainability Platform Apart

As a recognized leader in ESG, sustainability, and social impact software, our mission is to make it fast, easy, secure, and painless to collect critical data, accelerate your work, and create positive outcomes for your organization, its stakeholders, and the planet. Let us work hard to deliver your organization the data, insights, and risk reduction it needs, because we're better working together.

  • Optimized for ease-of-use, fast learning, and getting you value and results immediately
  • We're always listening and work hand-in-hand with our customers to set them up for success
  • We don't send customers to help desks, we're real experts getting you answers and solutions 24/7
  • Flexible ways to collect and automate data that matters: APIs, integrations, custom surveys, file uploads, and more
  • Everything's connected, end-to-end, because we made the system we wanted to use ourselves (and do)
  • Enterprise-grade security meets startup vision, experience design, and innovation
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