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Stopping Climate Change - A Step-by-Step Solution (That Could Actually Work)

Climate change, global warming, and mass biodiversity loss represent the most important crisis in human history. But there are also examples like Women's Suffrage and the Civil Rights movement where we've collectively changed the world for the better. Can we do the same to solve the climate crisis? We break it down.

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2020 US Election Map


33 Senate seats are up for re-election in 2020, including 22 Republican seats. These elections will determine the laws passed in Congress, including Medicare-for-All, a Green New Deal, and laws to get corporate money out of politics and guns out of our schools and communities.

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2019 Startup Climate, Social Responsibility & Ethical Technology Study

It's common for startups to say they're "changing the world." We analyzed 40,461 startups to explore an important, adjacent question: are startups changing the world for the better?

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