Brightest Social Impact Software Platform

Brightest Social Impact Measurement, Survey & Assessment Platform

Simplify social impact measurement, assessment surveys, partner collaboration, data collection, donations, fundraising & giving, community engagement, and more with a modern, beautiful platform for inspiring people, building partnerships, and growing your impact.

Whether you're a government, university, non-profit, NGO, or other purpose-led organization, Brightest gives you the most advanced, flexible platform for data-driven social impact, operational measurement, and getting your community involved in what matters. Tired of scattered or outdated tools that don't talk to each other? Or trying to bend docs, CRM, and generic systems to do things they're not designed for? Let Brightest handle the complexity of real social impact measurement work, so you don't have to.

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Impact Measurement Assessment Surveys

Create, Design & Distribute Custom Impact Measurement & Assessment Surveys

Social Impact Measurement Survey Assessment Tool

Survey Builder

Build and design your own custom, branded impact surveys to collect any data or verification documents like images or PDFs your organization needs to assess outputs and outcomes.

Responsive Survey Pages

Auto-generated, responsive survey links can be shared and accessed via email, SMS, mobile phones, web browsers, or embeddable website widgets.

Integrated data collection

With normal survey tools, at best your data ends up in a spreadsheet. With Brightest, data collection is automatically linked to your mission, goals, KPIs, partnerships, and impact reporting.

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Cross-Channel Communication & Impact Survey Distribution

Communication and Email Software


Skip tool overload and compose targeted email messages to teammates, community-members, and other segments - without needing to open another tab, sync lists, or buy standalone email software.

Text (SMS)

Need another channel to reach young people or mobile-focused audiences? Brightest has you covered. We can also work across international messaging and chat platforms like WhatsApp.

Communication Integrations

Inside organizations (and within partnership networks), effective communication often requires sending messages in spaces where people already are. That's why Brightest integrates with websites like Wordpress, Wix, and Squarespace, plus tools like Slack and Google Calendar to further simplify info distribution.

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CSR   |   Philanthropy & Giving   |   Fundraising & Donor Engagement   |   Employee Engagement   |   Community Engagement

From Inspiration to Direct Impact and Outcomes

Fundraising, Giving, Donation & CSR Software

Create Custom Impact Campaigns and Hubs

Create searchable, custom-branded event collections, fundraisers, engagement hubs, microsites, or maps in minutes to help your community or employees find ways to get involved, give, and take position action.

Engagement Flows and Steps

Use Brightest's integrated communication flows and sequenced engagement steps to help community-members advance, do more, stay engaged, report results, and see their impact.

Track Every Impact

Collect, analyze, and understand person-by-person, team-by-team, regional, organization-wide, and community-level impact and engagement data.

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Why 300+ Organizations Around the World Measure Impact with Brightest

What Sets Brightest's Social Impact Measurement Software Apart

As a recognized leader in social impact software, technology, and data, our mission is to make it fast, easy, secure, and painless to collect critical insights, accelerate your work, and create positive outcomes for your organization, its stakeholders, and the world. Let us work hard to deliver your organization the data, insights, and capacity it needs, because we're better working together.

  • Optimized for ease-of-use, fast learning, and getting you value and results immediately
  • We're always listening and work hand-in-hand with our customers to set them up for success
  • We don't send customers to help desks, we're real experts getting you answers and solutions 24/7
  • Flexible ways to collect the data that matters, including APIs, integrations, custom surveys, file uploads, and more
  • Everything's connected, because we made the impact measurement system we wanted to use ourselves (and do)
  • Enterprise-grade security meets startup vision, experience design, and innovation

Whatever your mission, impact goals, and needs are, there's no platform and partner more flexible, customizable, and comprehensive than Brightest. After all, Brightest can measure (literally) anything that matters for your mission, and we'd be happy to show you how.

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UN SDG social impact measurement
SASB ESG measurement
GRI impact measurement
Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG) sustainability measurement
B Corp measurement and certification