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How to Measure CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

How to Measure CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

CSR is cross-functional by nature, often encompassing a wide range of metrics and data around a company’s environmental sustainability, supplier ethics, employee engagement, corporate philanthropy, diversity and inclusion, company culture, and more. Here's a 5 step process to simplify and clarify how to measure it.

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Social Impact Measurement 101

Social impact measurement is a process and framework for measuring and attributing positive social change to an organization’s direct actions. Here's our framework for how to measure it.

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How to Measure Social Impact
Remote Work, Climate and Sustainability

The Climate Case for Remote Work

How sustainable is remote work? We break down the macro case and share estimates on the climate impact of fewer car commuters.

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How to Calculate Your Company's Carbon (CO2) Footprint [Starter Tool]

Want to get a ballpark estimate of your organization's climate footprint? Use our free, simple, starter calculator to get a baseline estimate.

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Business Climate and Carbon Calculator