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Community Data Analyst

Community Loan Fund Of New Jersey

Aug. 5, 2019, 8:30 a.m. - Aug. 5, 2020, 5 p.m. EDT

What you’ll do As a Community Data Analyst VISTA, you will assist in our effort to create visibility and enhance awareness of the extraordinary work we do. Your work will potentially result in an improved policy and regulatory environment that will help reduce poverty and increase intergenerational wealth. Working with our Community Asset Preservation Corporation (CAPC) team, you will: * Provide on-going oversight of community data collected to ensure that data is complete and accurate. * Provide on-going oversight of community data collected to ensure that data is complete and accurate. * Update properties as needed by linking to the appropriate geographies for community level data analysis. * Create a plan for keeping data current and relevant on an annual or quarterly basis with feedback from staff, develop protocols and systems for updating and using the community develop data collected. * Develop a process for collecting and incorporating historic data with a focus on data trends and those data points that are included in the CAPC Social Impact score. * Analyze current strategy used by CAPC staff to determine whether the current score is providing reliable analysis and if there are missing pieces of the CAPC mission that are not being captured. * Participate in CAPC staff meetings and report on community impact on the property and aggregate level. * Work with staff to provide community level and property level data for marketing materials. * Work with Director of Operations to develop an outline of how data is entered, managed, and used at the organization. * Begin to develop contact and information needed in the Data Standard Operating Procedures document.While you will work with our CAPC team, you will also play a critical role in enhancing our overall infrastructure to effectively manage and sustain our policy- and systems-building efforts by expanding our ability to conduct data-driven research. The byproducts and impact of your work as a member of this invaluable VISTA team will live well beyond your time here with NJCC. Your work will enable NJCC to significantly expand its role as one of New Jersey’s foremost thought leaders in community development.The skills you'll need We’re looking for people who are motivated and driven to develop their career. To be successful in this role, you’ll: * Have a passion for community service and a strong customer service attitude. * Have a passion for community service and a strong customer service attitude. * Be curious and independent. * Have completed some college level coursework in Communications, Marketing, Journalism, Urban Policy or Planning, Economic Development, or related courses. * Be experienced with social media platforms and website development. * Be experienced with social media platforms and website development. * Have superb interpersonal communications skills and the ability to establish rapport with divers groups easily. * Be able to demonstrate proficiency with Microsoft office and Adobe Creative Suite.

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421 Halsey Street
Newark, New Jersey 07102

Virtual Volunteer Job Tutor

Per Scholas

Flexible times and locations

Corporate and job volunteers play a critical role in Per Scholas training. Even when you can't be present physically, you can give back by volunteering to help aspiring technologists improve their communication skills, learn about key technical content, and better understand the corporate landscape to secure a job and progress in their career. Per Scholas virtual volunteers can help community members with: 1. Mock interviews. Volunteers will have the chance to virtually review a student's resume, interview them for a "mock" position and give them feedback after completing the interview. This gives students the opportunity to practice and refine their interview skills and build confidence in their abilities. 2. Virtual Lunch. Volunteers will virtually "sit" down with a student they are paired with, eat lunch, and discuss their experiences at work as well as give career advice. During the lunch, volunteers can provide insight on their technical skills, social and emotional intelligence at work, and career pathways. Through this interaction, our students are able to learn more about a corporate environment and gain valuable practice networking with a professional. 3. Resume Review. Volunteers will virtually discuss the importance of a resume and cover letter when applying for a job, review and give feedback on the student's resume, and assist with editing a future iteration of the document. Opportunities are available virtually to support Per Scholas community members and job seekers in different cities and communities. Volunteers must have some real-world job experience and training in order to guide and help other job-seekers and career aspirations learn and improve. Hiring manager, human resources (HR), and/or tech experience in particular are recommended.

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